Please can I request that you add a multi-select combo box to your elements? This would basically be a checkbox list displayed when the user expands the combo box, with an ‘All’ option at the top.

Many thanks,


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Hi Katy,

Can you make a prototype for it (use ForeUI :-))? I have no idea how this element would actually look like. From your description, it works like a collapsible list, which supports multiple selection.

It seems not a very common element, I am thinking if we can create it as a custom element (using List element to simulate the drop-down list). But we will need to modify the List element to support multiple selection.


Ok, have just emailed you an example – another example is this jquery component:


Hi Katy,

Thanks for the examples. It is an interesting element to have, and we will consider adding it to ForeUI.

However please understand that developing a brand new element in ForeUI needs a lot of workload, and it will take quite long time. Have you considered creating a custom element for that? It seems not difficult to create such a custom element in ForeUI.


Thanks, yes I will do that I think 🙂


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