i just tried to put two Hyperlinks into a TableCell. Cause i needed it like this:

Justtext: [Link], Justtext: [Link]

I couldn’t place them like this, because they are bound together as a group in the cell, so there was no chance to get anything between them. btw: Same with Buttons etc.

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Hi Ben,

Actually it is possible to do so, you need to double click the table to edit it after embeding multiple links into its cell.

After switching to “free edit” mode, you can drag the element that embedded into table cell and arrange their positions.

Here is an example:

After doing so, the table looks like:

Anyway, if the structure within the table cell become complex, I would suggest to create the content out side of the table and then embed them into table cell together. Consider you can use several TextBoxes and Hyperlinks to make this structure:
Text [Link] Text [Link]


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