does ForeUI suport “simulating” the opening of a tree item by an action that would replace the existing tree with an open one for instance?

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Hi Tom, I think you mean the tree node collapse / expand. It has been in our TODO list, so please wait and see.

  1. I guessed that the collapse/expand functionality wasn't there, but am glad you have it on your todo list.

    I'm curious if anyone has worked around this by actions that hide a tree window and then show another one on top of it with the selected item expanded - looks like a little bit of work but shouldn't it work (or should I wait for your implementation)?

    Tell me, are functional scroll bars on your todo list to for these kind of widgets (tree/table) so we can display more data than can be seen in the window?

Hi Tom, do you mean the scrollbar described in this thread?…

If so it is in our list, but we are still investigating the solution.

As for the workaround to have a expandable tree, yes I just made one 🙂 You can download it from…

You can click the “Folder” node to collapse / expand the tree. The main idea is to use a transparent renctangle to work as a trigger to show/hide elements.

  1. I'm not sure the scrollbar in the thread you pointed me to is actually a "functional" scrollbar - it sounds like it is just an image. To actually have the window gadget scroll content is what I was after - is that wishing for too much?

    The workaround for the expanding tree is exactly what I was after - thanks for making an actual example.
  2. The scrollbar in that thread is not just an image, it will allow you to really scroll the content in simulation, that's why we need to work hard on it. It is not easy from technical aspect, but we will try our best.
  3. excellent - it would be a great addition

What am I missing on this support forum to get my questions to not show that it needs an answer. This is one example where I’ve clicked on “this answers my question” but it appears to not to update the topic list.

You’ve answered the question and I’d like to give you credit for it 🙂


We can mark this question as “ansered”, but we’d like to keep it open until the tree collapse/expand feature implemented.


you can certainly keep it open – I was just making sure I wasn’t doing something wrong.


The tree collapse/expand feature is implemented in V2.60


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