I know about the list widget to add lists, but is there some way to make the list a bulleted or ordered list with the bullets or numbers displaying before the individual list items? Perhaps I missed that option.

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So far the list widget does not support these options.

We may provide them latter, or provide another element for this.


Hi Xavier,

Thanks! I hope it gets added as an option. Would love not to have to create the ordered lists from scratch.

I’ve really enjoyed seeing the additional widgets added to ForeUI over the past few releases. Makes my work so much easier.


You’re welcome 😀

We will soon establish the ForeUI user community, thus all ForeUI users can share their plots and customized elements with others, I believe that will be benifit for all users.


I would also like to see native support for html lists, both ordered and unordered. It seems like this would be a fairly basic piece of functionality to add, and it would definitely speed up design time when I have to piece these together as I do today.


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