For my purposes, a prototyping tool must have interactive trees, since I use trees for everything.

My recommendation of what trees should be able to do:

– Expand and collapse

– Have optional icons in front of the text

– The optional icons should be capable of having a “replace” behavior to switch between icons (for instance when icons are used as a status indicator)

– have optional check boxes

– Checkbox trees should optionally enforce with 3-state selection behavior (checked, partially checked, unchecked). Also should be able to use tree without 3-state behavior

– Items should be able to be selected.

– Optionally, tree should allow Multiple items should be able to be selected

– Events should be able to add and remove elements to the tree

– Events should be able to get the selected items from the tree to use in behaviors

– Events should be able to get the “checked” items from treee to use in behaviors

– Events should be able to get the expanded/collapsed state of tree elements

– Events should be able to set the selected/checked states based on interactions with other widgets

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Hi Nathan,

Thanks for the detailed suggestion. We will consider these when improving the Tree element.

Currently we are investigating the possibility to make Table and Tree become a container, which allow adding other elements into its cell (or node). If this can be implemented, that will significantly strengthen the flexibility to use Table and Tree.


Tree element becomes interactive and works as container from V2.60


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