Hi, since i updated to 2.0 Version my Licence does not work anymore.

Please fix it, thanks in advance.

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Anyway, good job. The bigBugs with the Tables are gone (Thank God, it was driving me crazy)


Hi Thorsten,

V1.xx to V2.0 is a major upgrade, which is not free. You can upgrade you license with $10 per user, more details here:…


Hi, ok. So currently we dont want to update. But whats with the Table Bug ? I needs to be solved then in the 1.9 Version. And where is the Concurrent User Licence ? Its very important to us to have concurrent.


Hi Thorsten,

If you don’t want to upgrade for now, you can use V1.85. It is more stable than V1.90 since V1.90 change the table element a lot and bring some bugs.

What do you mean “Concurrent User Licence”? Can you explain it?


The License we bought is a concurrent user licence. It normally means, that you pay for the amount of Users who use it max. For example. I’m nearly the only one who is using Mockup-Tools. But all of my Software Programmers need to view those files. So they have it installed to be able to open the file. It means that in worst case there are up to 3 People opening the Mockup. So we decided to be sure, that we dont have a problem if there are 4 people having it opendend so we bought 5 Concurrent User-Licence. It was the main reason why we choosed Fore UI. This and of course the software updates. BUT the Software Updates do cost now additional and there are no concurrent User Licences available any more. That means that we will probably switch back to Balsamiq, because there we have no-cost updates and Concurrent User Licenses. Well it doesnt look that cool and the Themes are nice but not essential for a mockup tool.

Its really nothing personal, but i cannot tell my Management, why we have to pay now for updates and another Licence while still i’m the Only one using it and the other people need it as a viewer.


Hi Thorsten,

The concurrent user licences are still available after the upgrade. If your license is for 5 users, then you can choose the “5 Users” options to upgrade. True that it cost $50, but your new licese will still be a “5 users license”, which can be used on any V2.xx versions.

As for your actual case, can you contact us via I believe there must be a good solution.


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