How can I make a prototyp of a hide/show button for a group of UI elements?

I tried using a scrollable container:

– I cannot change the height via command.

I tried using a rectangle:

– I cannot put the group inside of it.

I can hide/show text fields without a problem, but that’s not what I’m after.

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You can pick the entire group in the “Operate on Element” action and control its visibility. Like this:


I’m surprised by my own inprecision after several hours of working on this problem.

What I actually want to do is resize a Scrollable_Container.

There is an extra option for this for TextBoxes but not for Scrollable_Containers.

Is this possible via the UI to enter:
changeSize(“ScrollableContainer_2”, 150, 150); ?

If not, I would suggest a direct input of JavaScript via the UI to be used as a workaround, because the UI is the only thing standing between me and the function.


The action to change scrollable container size is not available yet, so your direct input will not help.

We will support the “change size” action for the scrollable container, please wait and see.


The workaround I’ve got working for me right now is:

1. I design the UI elements via ForeUI
2. I modify the interactions with eclipse javascript
3. Each time I export the UI to DHTML I run a script copying the eclipse js files
4. ???
5. Profit

When I got frustrated with ForeUI I tried some other programs and I’ve got to say, you have done exemplary work so far!


Hi purplebluegreen,

Glad to know you find an workaround for this. The scrollable container resize action will be supported from next version (V2.42, which will be released on next Monday).

If you need this work now without Eclipse or other text editor, there is still another workaround, like this:

The js wrote in the condition expression will be invoked so it will work. But it is still ugly so not recommended 🙂


The resize action for scrollable container is supported from V2.42


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