In making copies of layouts or specific elements between pages, I’ve noticed a common behavior among all ForeUI versions through 2.40:

If I copy the same element more than 2-3 times across different pages, the X and Y position of the pasted element will gradually shift by a number of pixels.

The expectation is that a copied element will keep track of its X and Y coordinates when copied and then these will be placed correctly when the copied element is pasted.

If it helps, this problem is most common when using selected groups of elements rather than single elements.


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I think it is a bug. The X, Y position should not be changed when pasting element to different page. We will check it.


I’ve noticed this problem. I think it stems from the fact that when you copy an element on a single page, and then paste, the new element will be shifted by 10 pixels in both directions so that it wouldn’t appear exactly on top of your original element. It will keep adding 10 pixels every time, such that the copies fan out. Of course, this is not ideal for copying to multiple pages. The program seems to know that you want to use the same XY for the first copy, but then starts shifting after that.

My work around involves copying each copy before I paste on the next page.
Select original > Ctrl C > Go to Next Page > Ctrl V, Ctrl C > Go to Next Page > Ctrl V, Ctrl C > etc etc etc

  1. Hi luroguco, your analysis is right and your work around is good. I think we will fix it in this way: reset the offsets once the current page is changed. Thus you will not see the offset when pasting into different page.

Bug_0232 is fixed in V2.42


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