many elements on screen shoud get different content for mouse over. so i thought i could fill in text from a table depending on there type i defined.

for that i wish to use (dynamic element id) i created before in a string (global property). my problem is how to use that string to get the text of this element id i placed in the string?


Element Clicked

Set {x_String} Property to Value “[TextBox_auswahl_1.text]”

Set {x_String} Property to Value “TextBox_{x_String}_e_”

Set {x_String} Property to Value “{x_String}[TextBox_id_1.text]”

Change “TextBox_DID” text to “{x_String}”

Change “TextBox_antwort_1” text to “[{x_String}.text]” <- no idea how to write

x_String = TextBox_wert_1_e_1

element ID = TextBox_wert_1_e_1

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Hi Yasofies,

I think you want to access the property of an element that is decided during the simulation. Unfortunately that is not supported in ForeUI. You will need to explictly specify the element that provides the property.

  1. I thought so.

    Luckely there is a workaround, thanks Custom Events.

    Every element i wish to adress via element_ID get a custom event to report its content if it has the wished element_ID.

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