Occasionally my prototypes will behave erratically during simulation, and I find it very difficult to debug the behavior. What may help would be the ability to watch certain property values during simulation.

For example, right now in a prototype I have a list view that is serving as a navigation pane in a wizard. Sometimes the list view gets out of sync with the page and shows that you’re on a different step than you actually are. I’m assuming this is not a bug, but just a flaw in one of my events somewhere, but finding the issue is tricky without the ability to watch the index to see when it goes haywire.

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Usually we use the “Show Message” action to watch the value of property:

If we need to monitor multiple values, we will use several text labels, and set the text value to the property value when needed. However this approach become inefficient when many values need to be watched. We do need a new “Property Monitor” element to watch any property in simulation.


That’s a good work around, I will try it.


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