1. I select an element.
  2. I hit the DELETE key.
  3. Nothing happens.

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I can’t use the DELETE key in the behavior editor either.

Staff March 14, 2018

We are working on it. It seems to be a side-effect of fixing Bug_0509.


You have fixed parts of the issue in SP1, but I still can’t use DELETE when:

  • editing a Text label
  • editing a table
  • editing the page name in Page Management

And I can’t use DELETE when editing a combobox or a radio button… I guess this issue can be found i many elements.


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After I upgraded to 4.50, neither PageUp/PageDown nor the navigation buttons in the bottom work in simulation.

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What’s the error? Is it the machine? Or what version is imported here? Elastic man


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Maybe that key on the keyboard has death run 3d. Try a new one


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