I really like the new MultilevelMenu, but…I wonder if it would be possible to enable/disable menucommands in simulation. Often menu commands are disabled in certain situations, and it would be nice to be able to control the state of the menu commands.

I imagine using the “Operate on element”, and I’d like to be able to choose to change the state of all menu commands in the menu or a specfic one,

e.g. “4.3.2”.

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Yes an “Enable/Disable Menu Item” action will be good to do the job.


Are you planning to implement the ability to disable menu commands?

The first implementation could support a static disabling, and then later maybe you could implement support for enabling/disabling in simulation.

Disabling a menu command could maybe be done by adding some special character it front of it:

Menu command 1

Menu command 2 (disabled)

Menu command 3


Hi Ulrich,

This feature does exist in our long-term planning. So far we don’t have detailed schedule of when to implement this feature, but the rough estimation would be Q3~Q4 of 2013.

Using special character to mark the disabled item is a good idea, thanks for the suggestion.


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