1. I add a MultilevelMenu to my plot.

2. I expand the submenus and notice that the menu commands are not aligned… they seemed “squeezed”… the submenu is not wide enough.

In simulation it looks just fine.

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Hi Ulrich, can you provide a screen shot for that? I’ve never saw that happen yet.


Yes, here’s a screenshot from the editor (not simulation). Take a look at the last submenu:


On my side it looks like this:

It looks better.

I guess it is related to the font settings, since the menu size is calculated according to the text content and font settings.

  1. Try writing a longer menu commands name. I think it will happen with your font as well.

I’ve tried a longer name, but still ok for me:


It cuts of the last “em” in “item”. The caculation of the size is not perfect.


Which font are you using for this menu element? Is it or other fonts? And which font are you using in the settings->plot tab?

I’d like to reproduce it.


The font in the Settings > Plot is Verdana, and I haven’t changed it for the element. The font size for the element is 11.


Ok, I can reproduce it now. It is a bug in size calculation, should be able to fix it in next version.


We’ve fixed Bug_0201 in V2.30


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