Hello dear ForeUI team,

importing an Accordion as .fce cause trouble in some cases. Using latest V3.804.

How to reproduce:

– Create Accordion and set Section Icons for Expanded/Collapsed state

– Pack the accordion element as .fce

– Open new plot and add some Icons in the Dock

– Add the created .fce into the new plot

– Some Icon references in the imported accordion gets messed up

This wont happen, if there are no Icons in the Dock, before you import .fce.

But importing .fce into new & empty plot would not make much sense for me:)

As of now I have to fix the image references for each imported accordion by hand.

If you need a sample, let me know.

Thank you!

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I quickly checked it and it could be reproduced, so I confirm it is a bug.


This issue (Bug_0465) has been fixed in V3.80 SP5.


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