I’m attempting to run a simulation, and it appears to be stuck; I’m getting the following error from my browser’s F12 Console:

SCRIPT5007: Unable to get property ‘split’ of undefined or null reference

File: foreui.js, Line: 57, Column: 121

I’m using ForeUI V3.801.

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Hi James, in the major of cases the Javascript error is caused by the incorrect format of expression used in the behavior definition.

It is better to send us your plot file, which contains this error, then we can help you to check. You can send to


Hi James, we think it may be a new bug, which causes problem when there is an empty ClipArt element in your plot.

Usually we won’t create empty ClipArt, but if you extract all members of the ClipArt, or drag them to another container in the “Outline” view, an empty ClipArt will remain.

This is a bug and ForeUI should take care of this case. We will soon release 3.80 SP2 to have this fixed.

Meanwhile you can check the “Outline” view, to locate and remove all empty ClipArt elements. If the issue persist after do so, there may be different reason, and please send us your plot file for checking, thank you.


Thanks! I was able to get the simulation using this method!


You are welcome. V3.80 SP2 is released and the issue has been fixed 🙂


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