Is there any way to force “scroll to top” when a new page is loaded? I have pages with active area much smaller (in height) than the page with the link. If I’m scrolled down on the page before clicking the link, the new page stays at the same scroll position. The important info is out of sight, above the viewable area.

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Hi Paul,

There is a trick for this but not perfect yet: If you use the “Visit URL” action and set the URL to “#”, it will navigate you to the top of the page… However it is not perfect: it will show you the page in a new browser window (or tab), since the Visit URL action always try to load URL in new window (or tab).

Maybe a better solution will be adding a new action like “Scroll Page”.


Thanks, Xavier. Yes, I’d suggest “Scroll Page” as a feature to add to the “to do” list.


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