Am I missing something, or are the combobox and tree controls just not interactive. In other words, I can’t seem to add options to the combobox and have them displayed when clicked, nor can I expand and collapse the nodes in the tree. Is this by design? Or just a current product limitation.



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Hi Bruce, the ComboBox and Tree controls are not interactive at this time, but they are in our TODO list and we will implement them.

Before that you can make an “interactive” ComboBox by linking a popup menu to the ComboBox’s “element clicked” event. Yes I know it is not so good, that’s why we still need to work on it.


Great to hear. I’d also like to see lists be scrollable. Thanks!


I’ve been playing around with the making my own combobox and while it is a pain, if I had to prioritize things, I’d rather have an interactive tree, a better table/datagrid, and scrolling lists as it’s really hard to simulate collapsing tree nodes, sortable datagrid columns, and scrolling behavior.



Interactive ComobBox is available in V1.80


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