ForeUI is coming along nicely. One issue I’ve come across is the fact that the comma character is used as a delimiter to create new columns in table widgets.

The problem is that in North America, the comma (,) character is also used when displaying money.

Tables are often used to show USD or CDN money such as in reports.

For ex: I can show money in ForeUI as $123.00 but not $1,230.00 since the , will add a new column.

The solution would be to use a semi-colon (;) or better yet a pipe (|) to delimit columns as this would allow for high fidelity prototyping of reports and tabular output involving US and Canadian money.



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Hi Ari, I agree that the comma may cause problem since we may need to use it in the content, actually the same problem exists for all delimiter charactors…

So may be it will be better to support the transferred meaning charactor, so that the “,” will be regarded as a real “,” charactor and will not add a new column.

Do you think it is good or not?


the standard tab delinator t or simply would work fine. thank you.


IMHO, t or are not so good for this.

The t is not visible charactor, if I am using this tool at first time, I will confuse how to separate columns (since I am not sure it is space or tab)

Sometimes we may need to use in the content… For example, we may need to put a file path (in Windows) into the content.

I prefer using transferred meaning charactor…


Hi. No i meant the ‘t’ character sequence not the tab character itself, which is invisible. Why not use the pipe character ‘|’, it’s rarely used in anything prototype related (aside from its use in Unix or Linux).

I just need a way to show commas in money and using commas doesn’t work.



Hi, Ari. I understand your need. It is true that ‘|’ is rarely used in content, but we already use comma in previous versions, if we make the change, all plots created with old version have to be fixed (since the columns are merged into one).

So I think using transferred meaning charactor is better, you can use the “,” character sequence to show comma in money column, and all old plots can still work as before. Do you agree?



Oh ok, I get it. I can escape the comma. Sure, that will work for me. I understand the need to remain backward compatible.




Alright, this enhancement will be included in next version 🙂


It is done in V1.37


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