Could you consider adding a command to control scrolling on a page? Example: I have a prototype built that has 30+ pages. When I click my “next” button to switch to a different page, I’m left at the same scroll position that I left off on my previous page. Often times in my mockup, this means that all I see is the footer. It’s not a problem for me, but when I start to conduct usability tests on this prototype, I’d like my users to be able to experience as close to the final product as possible. If I could control scrolling, I could just build in page actions to automatically scroll to the top.

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Hi pohldoug,

Accurately control the scrolling position is not easy. I would suggest using the anchor to help locating the page. You can use the “Visit URL” action with the target set to “_self” to locate the page.

If you like to scroll back to top, just do this:


excellent, thanks for the suggestion!


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