Does ForeUI have the ability to create a Drag and Drop interaction? For example, If I drag an object to a target I want to display some message.

Can ForeUI do this?

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Not yet 🙂

To simulate drag and drop, we need to handle “Mouse Down”, “Mouse Move” and “Mouse Up” events. So far they are not supported yet, but we may implement these event later, and I believe it will not be difficult.



Thanks for the response.

Creating the ability to simulate drag and drop would be huge! The only other interactive wireframe tool that presently supports drag and drop is SketchFlow, but SketchFlow doesn’t have anywhere near the flexibility and functionality of ForeUI (unless you want to learn XAML and/or C++).

Axure, Flash Catalyst, Plotz, Fluidia, Protoshare, iRise – -none of these tools have created the ability to simulate drag and drop and users are really interested to see the ability to do this.

Having drag and drop simulation capabilities would be so great. Please incorporate this into ForeUI.


The drag and drop simulation is available in V2.17.


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