Now, to be fair, I’ve had ForeUI running for a couple of days now and have done a fair bit of simulation runs. The plot contains 4 pages and 250 elements on them in total.

Over the past 2 hours, I’ve noticed a considerable downgrade of screen update speed. When I drag an element onto the page, it sometimes take over 20 seconds for it to show up. Also, as elements are being moved around, the screen repants rather slowly.

I got curious and tooked a look at task manager, and noticed that Java.exe was hogging a whopping 410,000K of memory. That was really quite a lot. I’ll closed the program, reloaded the same plot, and java.exe started back up a 113,000K. Is this normal, or is it possible that there is memory leak associated with ForeUI?

Just curious, and I wonder if others have had the same experience.

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Hi Justin,

Since we store all undo / redo history in memory before closing the plot, it is possible to use too much memory if you perform many memory consuming action (such as copy batch of element, copy page etc).

However it is still possible to have memory leak that we didn’t know. We will check it after the holidays.


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