I am unable to save new .4ui files to my computer. I create a file and save it, but then go to the folder and it’s not there. I go to recent plots and receive the error that the file is not found. Do I need to renew my license? I am happy with the functionality and features of my current version, but I do need the files to save to continue using it.

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Hi Katie,

If there is no message pop up in ForeUI during the saving, it seems to be a writing privilege issue, or something like anti-virus system delete the .4ui file immediately.

What kind of operating system are you using? Does your user account in the OS has the writing privilege to the directory you want to write? If it is related to privilege, you should be able to find something in the log at (UserDir)/.foreui/logs, otherwise the file may be removed by third-party software just after the saving.

Renewing license should be irrelevant. If trial expire or old license doesn’t fit new version, ForeUI will popup message to prompt you, and should not act like this quietly.


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