Table content editing seems to be unreliable in v3.80. If I pull up the editor and make a series of changes cell-by-cell, sometimes there are redraw problems, or I’ll click on the OK button at the end and nothing happens. (Cancel always works, but then I lose my changes.) It’s unpredictable; I haven’t yet found a way to trigger the problem every time.

There also does not appear to be a way to reorder table columns, which is a feature I used a lot in version 2.x.

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Hi Matthew

I have had the same issues with the editor, I just thought it was one of those quirky

things that happen as I have not had previous experience with earlier versions and did not know about table column reorder, thanks for pointing it out.


Hi Matthew and Mal,

I believe this problem only happens when the table content is relatively complex, as I could not reproduce them in simple tables on hand. Could you describe how big is your table, what data was placed in the table cell, and what kind of chances you have made in the table cell has ever triggered this problem? Thank you.

As for the reordering table columns feature, it has never been implemented (although I think it is a good one to implement).

This is the table editor for ForeUI V2.810:

While this one is from ForeUI V3.80 SP5:

As you can see, we added more buttons for text formatting, but never remove any feature from it.


My apologies on misreporting the column reordering. I was sure that I could drag columns into different positions with version 2.8, but I’ve gone back and checked and you are correct- that feature wasn’t there! I must have confused it with some other tool.

> Could you describe how big is your table,

> what data was placed in the table cell, and

> what kind of chances you have made in the table cell

The tables vary, but 13 x 5 is typical. I use text styling in some cells, and sometimes more than one font. Screenshot below. (That last column is not a nested control, by the way, it’s just a special font.)

The problem seemed a little worse if I add rows or columns during the editing, but I’ve had it happen even when I’m just changing the contents.

This morning I tried a new table in a fresh plot and was not able to reproduce the problem no matter what I did. (Maybe some other factor is involved, such as if I’ve had the same plot open all day, or if I’m working with a plot I upgraded from 2.8?) If I ever get it to happen on demand I’ll let you know. Or maybe someone else knows more.

  1. Thanks for the information.

    There is possibility that it relates to the plot migration from 2.8 to 3.x. We will try on our side to reproduce it.

Hi ViVi

I have found content editing on table in editor mode as well as when appending a new column and or row and then applying some formatting, most common occurrence I have experienced is associated with appending a new column and doing a number of changes after that.

Does not happen all the time sometimes not complex table structure have had it happen on simple testing table.

I usually save straight after an append column and for rows just append a couple at a time then save and usually behaves ok for content and or format editing’s.


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