Hi guys,

One of the most powerful features of ForeUI is the GUI that allows you select the element you want to assign actions to.

And, even better is the google-style auto-complete that shows you all relevant matches if you start typing manually in the text fields. You pretty much blow away the competition with these capabilities alone ..

so, i’m not complaining .. but .. this could be even better if you added a preference or filter somewhere that would return relevant matches only from the current page.

But, I would want to be able to quickly turn that on and off as i’m building actions, so I would’t want it hidden away in a general preferences panel.

So, if you could add to every action editor window a checkbox that says something like:

“Filter this page only” or something less cryptic, that would be awesome. See image below.

I’m finding my plots are becoming really complex, so this kind of filtering would really speed me up.

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Hi Jeremy, thanks for the suggestion.

Ulrich has mentioned this issue before:…

He suggested to display the page title after the id in the list. I think that will be helpful.

The filter option you suggested can also help improving this, but it would make the window looks more complex and may distract the user.

So currently we are inclined to displaying the page title after the id.

  1. Thanks Xavier .. I do agree that my suggestion could be a bit confusing ... I would be ok with your implementation if you could put all elements from the current page at the top of the list, or maybe display the page title in a second column, and allow us to sort that in ascending or descending order ...

    either way, i'm glad to hear you're looking at ways to make that easier ... i've started naming all my elements in a predictable way .. but, as Ulrich suggests .. making mockups should be fast ;-) .. i'd rather not name anything ...


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