Enhancement: Move the “From Image File…” menu item to top for image choosing.

Fixed Bug_0146: If a folder is nested under a page, it can not be removed.

Fixed Bug_0147: There is a delay when start drag selecting.

Fixed Bug_0148: The height of Calendar header is significantly reduced in simulation if the calendar is big.

Fixed Bug_0149: Double-click the image in group can not change its image source.

Fixed Bug_0150: Group member A covers B, B may be hidden if A is set to invisible in simulation.

Fixed Bug_0151: Can not get the specific cell value of table in simulation.

Fixed Bug_0152: Empty table body can not be painted in simulation.

Fixed Bug_0153: When dragging window element that contains element group, the group members can not be moved correctly.

Fixed Bug_0154: The entired Window element are draggable in simulation, it should be limited to header only.

Fixed Bug_0155: Select a group and press Ctrl+D, that allows adding behavior to group (which should be disabled).

Fixed Bug_0156: Should not allow deleting the page if all other pages are nested under it.

Fixed Bug_0157: If page B is nested under page A, remove page A, then undo will meet error.

Fixed Bug_0158: “Change State” action is not listed for TextEditBox element.

Fixed Bug_0159: Invisible element in group should be painted semi-transparently in design phase.

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