New Feature: Support icon in tabs and vertical tabs element.

New Feature: Allow changing tab height for tabs and vertical tabs elements.

New Feature: New (global) MouseMove, MouseDown and MouseUp events for drag and drop simulation support.

New Feature: New “Current_Cursor_X” and “Current_Cursor_Y” global properties.

New Feature: New “Key Up” event.

Enhancement: Allow editing custom element content in new tab.

Enhancement: Support copying/pasting hex color value in color picker.

Enhancement: Commit data when page title and page note edit field lose its focus.

Enhancement: Show error message when pressing Ctrl+D to call action editor for a selected group.

Enhancement: List recent plot files in “File” menu.

Enhancement: Can configure the maximum number of recent file records.

Enhancement: Change the menu structure for Mac OS.

Enhancement: Change some menu hotkeys for Mac OS.

SHIFT+CMD+Y: Slide Show



CMD+Q: Quit ForeUI

Fixed Bug_0166: TextBox element can not restore visibility after hidden by its container.

Fixed Bug_0167: Press ENTER after changing plot size in plot configure window, the window is closed but the changed is discarded. (Mac OS only)

Fixed Bug_0168: Can not add image that smaller than 10×10 into image dock (while the minimum image size should be 5×5).

Fixed Bug_0169: Modification will be lost if saving on a read-only plot file, no message is shown.

Fixed Bug_0170: Use ComboBox to switch page, the popup list will not be hidden automatically in IE.

Fixed Bug_0171: The selection of popup list in ComboBox should be cleared after hiding the popup list.

Fixed Bug_0172: In Mac OS X, after closing the about dialog in ForeUI menu, another “V1.00” about dialog will pop up.

Fixed Bug_0173: Saved .fce file contains inconsistent page id.

Fixed Bug_0174: Element categories with small button will not update its style when UI theme is changed.

Fixed Bug_0175: Input file name without “.4ui” suffix for new plot file, the recent file history will save an incomplete record.

Fixed Bug_0176: After clicking the “Ok” button in settings window, it always ask for restarting ForeUI, even there is nothing changed.

Fixed Bug_0177: The thumbnail for newly added or loaded custom element can not be updated when UI theme is changed.

Fixed Bug_0178: The scrollable range in element category is too big when displaying small element buttons.

Fixed Bug_0179: The scrollable range in element category is not updated after a filter keyword is entered.

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This sounds great. I’m very excited about the new drag-and-drop simulation capabilities ..

Could you please provide a simple demo, or documentation on what objects can be dragged, and how to go about this?



Hi Jeremy,

All elements can be dragged, just make sure you have handled the Mouse Down, Mouse Move and Mouse Up events properly.

You can download a custom element named “Draggable Container” from the community site, or you can find it here: . It is a Text Label element that supports drag and drop, you can use it in your plot diretly.

You can also download the example plot named “Drag and Drop Example” from the community site, or from here: . You can take it as an example that demonstrate how to simulate the drag and drop.

  1. Wow! You guys are awesome! I'm totally stoked about this, but I'm most impressed with how quickly you guys respond in the community forum.

    Please continue to add tutorial content for the more complex features like this. It really helps. Also, the quick demo samples make it really easy to get started.

    Keep it up. This is a killer tool ...

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