New Feature: Copy image from external application and paste into ForeUI.

New Feature: Copy content from ForeUI and paste as image into external application.

New Feature: Drag image file from desktop or external directory into editing area of ForeUI.

New Feature: Drag image file from desktop or external directory into image dock of ForeUI.

New Feature: Drag plot file into editing area or plot tabs to open it.

New Feature: Allow using properties to parameterize loop/pause action.

New Feature: Can specify the target window of “Visit URL” action.

New Feature: Dynamically change ImageBox size with actions.

New Feature: Allow specify default font for each plot.

Enhancement: DHTML export: reduce redundant image files for ImageBox elements.

Enhancement: Improve image dock rendering performance.

Enhancement: Allow moving element out of the plot bounds.

Enhancement: Auto add backslash before ” or ‘ when editing message of User Decision branching and Show Message action.

Enhancement: Generate log files to user’s directory.

Bug_0240: Line and Arrow Line elements can not be displayed in V2.45

Bug_0241: Right-clicking element which is placed over a container (to bring out context menu), the element should not be embedded.

Bug_0242: Text element editor does not select all editable content when show up in V2.45.

Bug_0243: Move embeded element to upper/lower layer, may duplicate the element.

Bug_0244: If custom element contains embedded element, creating multiple instances of the custom element may cause duplicated ids.

Bug_0245: Sometimes the element id in action expression is not replaced correctly when doing copy/paste or creating custom element instance.

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I really like the ability to drag images to the image dock and the workspace! So much easier! 😀

All in all a great release!

By the way, what’s the point with: “Enhancement: Allow moving element out of the plot bounds.”

  1. The point is... to make user feel free to control the layout, elements can be placed out of the plot partially :-)

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