I have an accordion with four groups.  In group 1, I add a table and a button.  I add a behavior to the button so that when it is clicked, the button text is changed to ‘Clicked’ and it is also insert a new row to the table at position one.  However, when I export and launch the HTML in Chrome, the file foreui.js does not generate and a console error shows this in the Chrome browser.  I can send the 4ui file that has this problem if you give me an email address.

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Staff January 8, 2016

“Insert Table Row from a button” is not a real error message, it must be something you wrote into the console.

I would suggest you to avoid using any Html, Css and Script element in your plot. Using them can cause many kinds of problem if you don’t fully understand what you are doing.

If you plot doesn’t contain any of these elements, you can send it to support[at]foreui.com, then we will check it.


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