I wish to set a Radio Button Group so that based on a selection of a particular button  the headers of a table on the same page will change lets say from column header name = ‘age’  to name = ‘city’.

If this is not possible a best practice for creating a mockup ui for a Radio Button Group will be very helpful as well. 


Thank you, 




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Staff April 28, 2015

Hi Avigdor,

There is an element named “Radio Button Group”, which can work like a list. However in ForeUI, the content of table header is not changeable in the simulation. If you want to change the table cell content, there is a “Set Table Cell Value” action for this.

Below is an example for Radio Button Group usage:


Back to your case, it seems you wish to show different tables to user, according to the selection on radio button group. It would be better to create different tables and place them in different pages (they could share the same master page so you don’t need to duplicate everything), and radio button group will be placed in the master page and control which page will be switched to.

  1. Very Helpful. Thank you very much.
  2. Hi Vivi,Are there any plans to add this feature? I would like to dynamically change the tab names in a project i'm working on.

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