Hi this question probably asked before but cannot find in forum, newbie at using product. Been following help file for adding a JavaScript element and entered some code (same as shown in help file).

But for the life of me I cannot find anywhere to run it from e.g. another element (Button click event or from JS Snippet event also tried Event with delay that I read) been experimenting without success.

I am familiar with calling events as I already doing a number in my design pages appreciate any help on how to or it cannot be done.

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Hi Mal,

You just need to define your own Javascript function in the Javascript Element:

Then you call it using the “Call Javascript Snippet” action:

Is that what you need?


Ahh! thank you will try it out.

Yes that is what I was after it comes down to understanding all the different aspects of the program and interpreting help guide.


Thanks for response so soon.

Taking a day’s break so will try it out again real soon let u how I go.


All works thank you very much


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