I’d like to create a scrollable window. I need to display a series of tables down the window. There are too many to fit into one window so I want the window to scroll down just as a browser would. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi Glenn Peters,

You will need to use the “Scrollable Container” element. Just select all the tables and RIGHT drag them into the scrollable container, they will be embedded into the container, and you will be able to scroll the content by dragging the scrollbar.


Thanks very much. And just to be clear as I’m a little new at this the scrollable container can be placed inside the window first correct?

  1. Sure, you can embed the scrollable container into window element first, then try to embed the tables into the scrollable container. The embedable area will be highlighted with light blue color when you RIGHT drag (or CTRL+drag) the selected elements.


I am new to this as well. Is it possible to add the scrollable container after all the elements are already on the page?


Yes, that is possible.

1. move the specific elements to make room for the scrollable container

2. add the scrollable container

3. embed the elements into the scrollable container


Hi Ulrich,

Thanks for quick reply. I did my initial plot before understanding the scrollable container functionality. I put the scrollable container on the border of each page, then I tried to group and drag the contents into the container. It didn’t work for me. Is there a setting that can be adjusted to make this work?

  1. Hi Patrick, you don't have to group the contents before dragging them into the container. Please make sure that you drag them with RIGHT mouse key pressed, or with CTRL key on keyboard pressed, otherwise it will not be regarded as an "embedding" operation.

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