I am trying to get one combobox to populate another combobox but can’t seem to get this done. Is this possible?

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Hi Danny Cork,

This can not be achieved directly at the time, since there is no action to change the combobox’s values dynamically. We will consider adding that action in the future.

Meanwhile, you may consider using text edit box, button and table elements to create your own “combobox”. Since you can insert/remove rows for table element, it is possible to make a dynamic “combobox”. You can take this as an example:


Hello Xavier,

I looking for this kind of behavior also.

Is it already technical possible to change the values dynamically?

Thank you.

  1. Xavier doesn't come to this forum frequently, but I just asked him and he said it is for sure possible to add this feature now :-)

    I just checked, and this is actually listed in the planning of V4.0
  2. ViVi, thank you for the good news.
    My workaround with table and button elements works, but a genuine element is more comfortable :)

Definitely a feature that would be really great and something I would love to have my design that needs to simulate current paper based sport recordings and the ability to filter combo box content would be perfect.

As an example my simulation is emulating a real working (Legal) paper based sporting system for young people with lots of different age groups and each person has selected into various coach determined positions on match day. Anyway to emulate the current paper based system and its use, into a web page meant adding 80 combo box elements to demonstrate 2 age groups (2 tables for age group selection). I managed a work around with 4 combo box elements instead which raises another design issue (assigning player positions) for simulation.

Sorry a bit long winded, but this ability to filter content would have huge impact on a simulation similar to mine so this would be a great feature if possible and also the ability to have a multi-column combo or list be awesome as well.


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