I think I’ve mentioned some of it before, but here goes:

  • I would like a shortcut for the Image Dock
  • I would like the Image dock button to be moved to the far left. It may sound silly, but it’s placed too far away 🙂 – especially when it has no shortcut
  • I would like to be able to increase the height of the image dock by dragging the border and thereby seeing more images
  • I would really like drag’n’drop when adding images to the image dock – and maybe even directly to the plot

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Thanks for the suggestion.

Ctrl + I to call Image Dock is in the list already.

Drag and drop image into Image Dock is also in the list for a while.

As for the position of image dock button, we don’t consider changing it so far, as users are habituated to the current layout.

We would investigate the solution to allow resizing image dock, seems to be a big work.


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