I love your tool, just replaced my old ToolBook I used for years with ForeUI.

I am creating UI for both web based and iPhone apps.

Would be great to have some iPhone controls, like keypad, on/off switch, drum-whell, empty iPhone shell, etc. (similar to controls Balsamiq have)

Thanks again for the cool app!

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Glad to know that you love ForeUI!

Actually I’m working on some customized elements for iPhone in my spare time. I planed to share them on the ForeUI User Community site (coming soon), since you ask for that, I can help sharing the current result with you, so far I only have empty iPhone shell and the keypad, you can download these two elements from:

iPhone Shell:…
iPhone Keypad:…

Just import them to ForeUI and you will see two new elements, see this figure:


Wow, you’re awesome!

Thank you, it’s a great start!


Great timing, I have an iPhone wireframe I’m working on now. Just checking before I create some of my own, are there any other iPhone elements?


Hi Deborah,

Since my time to work on this is very limited, I have no other finished iPhone elements for now.

If you need some iPhone elements but don’t want to create them by yourself, you can suggest here, I will make them and add to the iPhone library.


I think 3 elements that are important:

On/Off toggle


iPhone menu field (1 field with rounded corners and a table view-2 or more fields together with rounded corners).


I’ve just submitted the first version of the iPhone library:

Enjoy it, and don’t forget to give me some feedback 🙂


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