Defining plot size 1024×768 and running simulation in browser and going into full screen still shows hor. and vert. scroll bars – how can these be eliminated so we get true full screen?

Machine running FOREUI is limited to 1024×768 as are the target machines for the prototype.

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Hi Tom,

Some browsers may still have toolbar and borders even in full screen mode, so the area to to display your prototype may be less than 1024×768. You can try making plot smaller, like 1000×720, to see if it helps. A more accurate method is to capture the screen of full-screen browser, and measure its client area size.

BTW, Google Chrome browser seems to provide a real full-screen mode, no toolbar, no border etc. So it can give you a real 1024×768 area to display the prototype.

  1. I've been looking for an excuse to try Chrome and it does indeed do the full screen display "properly."

    Thanks for your excellent support.



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