I have a set of 5 tabs. They are all part of a single element.

So when I add a 2nd action, by editing the action in Tab 2, it also changes the action for Tab 1 and all the rest. Which means all the tabs have the same action.

BTW: I just started with ForeUI today and I’m thrilled! Absolutely wowed by the whole thing!

But I must, must, must have this capability. (Cheque’s in the mail if we can work through this!)

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Hi Bentrem, welcome to try ForeUI 🙂

You can handle the “Selection Changed” event for the tabs, then you can do different things according to the current selected tab.

The common case for tabs is to show/hide different content when clicking different tab, you can take a look at the “interactive_selection.4ui” example, which is included in the installation. The example used conditional branching to handle this, you can use the switch branching instead, which is more suitable.

  1. p.s. it was seeing interactive_selection on your site that convinced me to really give the tool a solid run through. I didn't use Hand Drawn, in the end, but the interactivity of this example really hooked me. cheers
  2. Xavier - I just peeked the code for interactive_selection. I was surprised to see that you had used Conditional Branching. I used Switched Branching, with 5 cases for the 5 tabs.
    Is there some up-side to your way? down-side to my way?
  3. Using switch branching is better. The example is old, switch branching is available from V1.70, and we have not updated the example...
  4. You see, Xavier, your editorialization obscures things. If you had said something like, "Yes, quite right", that would have produced sync-lock. But your explication creates the impression that what I wrote was incorrect. Surplus elaboration leads to confusion. Occam's Razor, always. "we have not updated the example" states the obvious.
    You could have simply agreed. That would confirm a base for collaboration.
    Otherwise is optional ... unless one is compulsive.
  5. Your're right, Ben.
  6. It's usually a matter of focus; if what I say is a fact, I can still be "wrong", but at least what I said was true! ;-)

Woa … I just realized what I was doing … GUI “case” is nothing like command line “case”!

Totally n00b brain-fart here huh huh … I just implemented some Conditional Branching, and so I’m off to the races!

Nice to see that you’ve replied. I’ve been at it 9 hours … on a Sunday … how does one spell “dedication”? I spell it this way c.o.m.p.u.l.s.i.v.e *grin*

Thanks X, will do. Things went soooo intuitively I only peeked chatting.html and that seduced me completely.


p.s. money order to you Monday afternoon … $89 for pre-order of v2.0? *G*


Happy that I can help 🙂

We have not provided the approach to pre-order V2.0 yet, but we’ve finalized the upgrade policy: V1.x can be upgraded to V2.0 with just $10. So you can just order V1.x now and then upgrade to V2.x later.

  1. You know, my tabs are working sooooo well right now ("master pages" is absolutely key!) ... more than happy to.
    BTW: you won't believe how I found you. Got the urge to snoop the blessed old C2 wiki and, of course, I peeked Recent Changes and found <a href="; rel="nofollow"></a> ... went through the list. My persistance was rewarded: I discovered YOU! *wh000t!*
  2. On the other hand there's some sort of cognitive confound happening here. Of what use is the fact that, in the GUI for the element, I can arrow from one tab to the next? I'm missing something here. I assumed that when I Set Action in the 2nd Tab, that this would apply to #2, not to the whole set.
  3. Order now / upgrade later ... how about if I send you $89.95 now for both V1.x and upgrade to V2.x?
  4. The V2.x licensing system is not fully tested yet, so we could not open the order form for V2.x now.

    The later upgrade will be easy too, you will get notification and guidance if you've subscribed our newsletter.
  5. Well, for my own reasons, sending 2 payments is just clumsy. So I'll send you "more than enough" for V1.x. (And probably ask you to extend my usage of the Trial by another 15 days! *grin*)
  6. No problem, we can extand your trial for another 30 days, please let us know before your trial ended.
  7. That's very good of you.
    As I wrote in the CoderTools post on Balsamiq [1], I had given up on protoype tools ... years ago. ForeUI, well, it has whetted my appetite!
    I can imagine in the next week or so realizing a whole set of projects for which this Tool would serve admirably well! *wh000t!* New work!

    1) <a href="; rel="nofollow"></a>

Hi Bentrem,

Tabs are regarded as one GUI element, so it will only have one behavior definition, all tabs are sharing the same behavior definition. So if you want to do different thing when different tab is clicked, you can handle the “Selection Changed” event, using the switch branching for different tabs, like this:

  1. Nice documentation ... but, you see, that's what I figured out before coming back here to say "Wooops!" You see? That's why I said it was working so well. GUIs always throw me!
    But still ... when I select the tabset, and arrow through them ... I guess that just sets the default display index. I had thought it selected the individual tab, as I described above. *I think we've suffered sync-loss here.*
    thanks, Xavier (see you on Twitter!)
    p.s. in what I'm looking at "Default Case" is at the bottom.
  2. As <a href="; rel="nofollow">I commented above</a>, in interactive_selection you used Conditional Branching. In this comments you use Switched Branching, as I did in mine.

Not sure if I’ve got your point…

Let’s say you have a Tabs element with 3 tabs inside (tab1, tab2, tab3) , and then you set the action that each tab will show up a view (view1, view2, view3). You change the default selected tab to tab2 instead of tab1, so you expect to see view2 being displayed in the simulation, but what you see in fact is still the view1, seems the default selected tab is not really selected. Is it the issue you mentioned?


This is far more complicated than anything I addressed.

Viz.: I have a Tab element selected. So I have a panel of properties open, showing a variety of parameters. Right? In the IDE? Yes?
In the Tab section of those properties, there are 2 arrows … one left, one right.
As I use those arrows, I navigate through the tab set.

I had assumed (in hour 3 of my first session) that when I clicked “Action” I would be setting the action for that specific Tab, not for the whole element.
So I would do that … hit the arrow … and set the action for that Tab.

When I saw 1 action for the entire set, I was confounded.

Which I have already worked through.

You see I’ve said 3 or more times that I’ve got it working … not sure you heard that … this is what I call “sync loss”. Without sync every single plausible meaning has to be explicated at length. In sync, things are much simpler.

All is good here … again.
And yes, I’ll say it again if need be.

  1. Ok, thanks for clarifying, nice to know it works fine now ;-)

    Anyway, the case I mentioned above is actually confirmed as a bug, we should fix it in the next version.

Right … I wouldn’t try to follow you through that scenario just now, I’m pretty much boggled. A 10hr session, but very well rewarded! (I’d love to post the DHTML but it’s proprietary.)

Looking forward to this Xavier … I’m a patient man, but I’ve been waiting for this a long, long time. (2000 I was programming VB5; 1998 VRML; 1993 Pascal for Window; 1989 QB4.5 w/Fortan; 1983 assemler for the Z80; 1978 APL; 1972 binary. It’s been a long haul!)

p.s. ForeUI + = pure gold! *grin*

  1. Sorry to let you wait, but you know, we are in timezone GMT+8 :-) so sometimes we may not reply very quickly, thanks for comprehension.

+8?! *blink* AU? TW?

But heh you must know: 30 minutes is not a long time to wait! (Of course I don’t mean in a real-time context … drives me crazy how young folk talk “multi-tasking” when actually they’re just scattered and distracted. *grin*)

I’m -7 so when I’m ending my day I often catch EU folk as they’re starting their day.



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