It would be really nice if ForeUI’s interface could be more OS X compatible. For example, Cmd-W is now “slide show”, but it should just close the current tab (plot). Cmd-R is the shortcut for refresh. I have to use Shift to multi-select objects, while the Cmd key should do that. Cmd-C/V/X don’t work, it’s expecting Ctrl-C/V/X. Ctrl-click should be the same as right click. I’m sure there’s more, this is what pops to mind.

I am not even talking about the interface itself, which could have an OSX skin, what I really mean is that the keyboard shortcuts that are part of my “muscular memory” don’t have the expected behavior.

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We accpet this suggestion, ForeUI still need to be polished in Mac OS X.
If you find more things that can be improved in OS X, just keep writing down in this thread and we will follow up.


I’ll add my support for keyboard shortcuts that are more consistent. The most important to me is being able to access the context menu with ctrl-click. Currently I need to actually open my laptop and use the trackpad to do a right-click, as I use my mouse in the single button mode. This is a consistent inconvenience.


Hi Todd,

It is a good suggestion to allow using Ctrl+Click to bring out context menu. So far the Ctrl+Click is occupied to minus element from selection, we think we can change it.

Maybe we can refer Fireworks, use Shift+Click to toggle the element selected state, then the Ctrl+Click will be available for context menu.



Thanks for answering, Xavier. I would recommend re-assigning Ctrl+click to activate the contextual menu, as that is the standard for the Mac.

To remove an individual item from selection, the standard for Mac is to use Command+Click, but I don’t know how easily all this can map to a multi-platrform application.


Alright, we will keep the current hotkeys for Windows users.
As for Mac users, we will use Ctrl+click for context menu and CMD+click for selection removal.


In V1.85, these two enhancements are made for Mac users:
1. Ctrl+Click to bring up context menu in Mac.
2. Command+Click to remove element from selection in Mac.


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