I would like the following enhancements of the tree element:

- The ability to change the formatting of the text. For example I need underlined text to simulate that each node is a link

- The ability to insert, append and delete nodes through behavior (like in the table element)

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Staff October 18, 2017

Hi Ulrich, in next version (V4.6), we will add the ability to add/delete tree nodes via behavior.

As for formatting tree node text, we don’t have the plan yet, but I have added it to the list. Meanwhile you can embed the hyperlink element into your tree node.


I am an editor and works for professional resume editing services and use tree elements for the formatting of my work. I also agree about the tree node text that you pointed out, if this happens then the formatting will get more convenient.


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Are you done with these enhancements? Can you share if it is successful? Planning to do the same in hills tree service


I will check this out later.

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Great work. Thanks for the updates. 

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