Thanks again for the recent addition of “use page title in file name” as an export image option — it really helps with workflow and keeping track of where screenshots came from.

Like most people, my workflow habits are consistent, which means I’d like to use the same output methodology each time. However, the export dialog defaults to “export current page only” as the selected button and “use page index in file name” as the pulldown once I switch to “export all pages”.

Would save a lot of repetitive clicking (and mistakes) if the button and pulldown settings were retained between export actions. At the very least during the same ForeUI session, and ideally even between sessions. Would also like to retain the last-used file name stem, since that’s another area of repetition.

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Good idea, let’s store these settings in file , they can be used as the default values of the image exporting dialog (cross sessions).


This is done in V1.75


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