I’m trying out ForeUI on a laptop with a WQXGA+ (3200 X 1800) display.  Is there a way within the application to increase the size of the icons and text of the objects in the Elements side panel?  They are too small to read as they are being natively displayed.  I realize that I can zoom in or out on a page I’m designing but I can’t seem to find a way to see what all the icons are in the side panel.



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Staff October 22, 2017

You can check the “Display” tab in settings window. By default the small icons are used, and you can choose to use big icons, as shown in figure below:

  1. Well, that does change the size of the icons on the top bar, but unfortunately, not in the side Available Elements Window. But I noticed the "Use Big Element Button" and that did work for my problem. Thanks for this.

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