How can we make selection of a table row and or table cell create an event like going to another page per row or cell?

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Staff October 11, 2017

You can handle the “Selection Changed” event, check the current selection and decide which page to go, for example:

  1. Thanks again Vivi. How do we make it so when row is clickable it changes mouse to hand showing "clickable?"
  2. ViVi Staff October 11, 2017
    You can use the "Set System Cursor" action to change the mouse shape.
  3. also one more if I select add new in a combo box then in a popup create a new item for popup I would like it to be added in the combobox choices, how can this be done?
  4. just to clarify when I create new item and select a save button I would like to return to original screen where the selected value is the new added item
  5. ViVi Staff October 12, 2017
    Please do not ask new questions in comments. You can create new topic, and describe your question with more details, attaching pictures to explain what you want is preferred.

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