On the Window widget with the Mac OS X UI Theme, there are three diagonal lines at the lower right to indicate re-size. There needs to be a way to turn these lines off to create a fixed-size window.

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Hi Ben, since it is only needed for Mac UI theme, you can use a Rectangle element with the same background color to cover those lines.

  1. This is disappointing response. The reason I use ForeUI is because the objects have attributes I can set. Placing a rectangle over the window breaks this model. I moved from OmniGraffle to ForeUI because I was frustrated with the multitude of small objects I had to manipulate to create a window.

    Why not add a check-box like "Draggable" that says "Re-Sizeable?"
  2. Hi Ben, the "Draggable" option really turn on/off the dragging ability of window in the simulation, which will take effect for all UI themes. But the "Resizeable" option is not really make the window resizeable or not, it only change the appearence for window in Mac OS theme, so this option may confuse user if they are not using Mac OS theme.

    However it is kind of strange that the window element in other UI themes does not have resize mark on the bottom right corner. They should have it actually. We can add the "resizeable" option if all UI themes can reflect the change.

Actually, when runing Chrome some similar small lines are shown in the bottom right corner of a TextEditBox with Multirow enabled, and the textbox can actually be resized…:

I agree with Ben, that it would be nice to avoid this.

  1. Hi Ulrich, this is a different thing. It is a behavior of the web browser, I think we could not control this from the DHTML code.

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