I have a problem with alignment:

1. I place a Label on top of a rectangle to mock-up a text input field with the field label i the top-left corner.

2. When I run the simulation or DHTML, the label is placed somewhat different.

Please see the image.

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I would really much like to be able to see the same layout if I A) Export the prototype as a PNG or B) run the simulation.

I use Internet Explorer 8, by the way.


Thanks for reporting the issue.
This problem is reported as Bug_0079 and will be fixed in next version 🙂

We will try the best to make the same look between editing and simulation.


Sounds great, thanks.

Any idea about when the next version will be ready? :o)


In our scedule, the next version will be ready at the end of next week.


Bug_0079 has been fixed in V1.50


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