When I try and save a plot with an external image I get an error message that reads: “The image file “0.png” is not found”

Please advise.

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HI Andrew, when you open/create a plot, ForeUI will use a temporary directory to store the data for the plot (including image files). The temporary directory is under the workspace folder, which will be “(User Directory)/.foreui/workspace” by default, and can be changed in settings window->Misc tab. Once you add an image into plot, the image file will be copied to the temporary directory.

The message on your screenshot was saying that it could not find the source file for img0. This may be caused by one of the following reasons:

1. Your account do not have the privileges to write to the workspace directory.

2. Your workspace is at a remote driver and that driver is not available at that time.

3. Your workspace or its driver run out of space.

4. Some files in your workspace directory are removed by mistake before closing ForeUI.

You can check the list above to see if it helps.


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