is there a way for this program to send rs232/command line commands on a button press? this would be great

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Hi Michael,

It is a wonderful idea 🙂

The thing is that ForeUI simulation is based on HTML/CSS/Javascript, which means it need to be run in web browser and by default it does not have the permission to execute system command.

However I would say it is still possible to achieve what you mentioned. What you need to do is to wrap some commands into a web service, or say you develop a web service that can execute some system commands. Then you let ForeUI simulation talk to the web service (via the “Get JSON Object” action or “Get Remote Content” action).

Making such a simple web service is easy. If you already installed Apache web server and PHP on your machine, what you need to do is just to write a PHP script that calls exec() function inside…

It will be interesting, good luck 🙂


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