I some time run out of working space while creating the show. I have to move the slider top and down. It would be useful if you change the size of all objects of the GUI. Most of them don’t need the actual sizes. If you do so we all get more space.

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Do you mean the zoom in / out feature?

If so it is requested before and we’ve put it into our list:…

It is in the list but the list is really big, we haven’t assigned the timeframe for this feature yet.

  1. No, not zoom in / out. The control buttons above the workspace and the taps are simply to large. Cut them to the half size and put the text underneath the pictogram. Additional you can make un-selectable the text to save space.
  2. I get your point now, but I think a better solution is using a higher resolution (1280x960 or above).

Using higher screen solution isn’t the question, I using it, but if you take an overall look to the screen, you see the unproportional size between all elements on screen compared to the whole screen size and the working space.

For example with 1024 x 768 px screen solution: The simulation has a size of 800 x 560 px. Now switch on the the image dock. In this case you lose 240 px in hight that are 31% of the hight. You must use the slider to see all parts of the simulation.

If you change to 1280 x 960 px you can see all parts of the simulation, but the menu and image dock takes 25% of the screen hight again. This is to much in my opinion. Changing the screen solution does not save the proportion between the elements.
If I want to change the size of the simulation e.g. 1024 x 768 px (to give the customer the right feeling for the application in case of “requirement specification” I have the problem again during design.


Hi Wolfgang, would you please attach a screenshot for that? I’m confused since the image dock should be 100 pixels height, which is smaller than 240 pixels.

BTW, the image dock is not supposed to be opened all the time, since it is just a tool for user to manage the referenced images (eg. batch replacing images).

On the other hand, big-size control has its benifit, user can find them easier and will not click the button around by mistake.

Back to your suggestion, it is hard to find good solution to avoid scrolling all the time. Even if we reduce some controls’ size, when you need to design a bigger plot, you will have to scroll again.

PS: IMO scrolling is not so unacceptable, you can easily roll your mouse wheel to scroll up or down.


You are quite right with your suggestions, but in practice this disturbs the handling. I enclose two screens to visualize what I am thinking.

  1. Nice design. So the tool bar + plot tab + image dock + page margin is the 240 pixels, if you hide the image dock, you will get 100 pixels additional space to use. If you use higher resolution (like the second screen) , situation become much better.

I have just started using a tablet PC for design and it is 1024 x 768. Could you have an option to hide the toolbar and also go full screen? This would be easy and give back some real estate


Hi Jonathan, 1024×768 resolution is quite low, we think it is not so good for designing. However, full screen mode seems useful, we will consider adding such an option.


My other machine is 1920 x 1200 where I do most design work however it is nice doing work on the more portable tablet with its pen. One other suggestion – how easy is it for you to scale the DHTML output. It would be nice to design say at 800 x 600 and then output at a higher res. This could be useful in other situations where The initial design size was wrong and you don’t want to go and resize everything


I think the zoom in/out for editing may be helpful:…

Once this feature is available, you can zoom out the plot when editing, so you can layout elements in low resolution. Yet the real size of the plot is quite big, so it will generate the big HTML page (high resolution).

Of course the ability to scale the HTML output is interesting too, thanks for the suggestion and we will evaluate the possible solution internally.


Maybe you could add the ability to choose to use big or small icons in the toolbar. They are quite big…


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