ForeUI lets you nudge objects one pixel at a time using the arrow keys, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to nudge 10 pixels (or one major grid unit) at a time. This is a feature that’s pretty much standard on all drawing programs I’ve used, so I highly recommend this for ForeUI.

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I agree! Usually it is done by holding the SHIFT key when using the arrow keys.

  1. Yes, true. The shift + arrow key seems to be used for some other feature, though, so they might need to use a different key (or change the key combo for the other feature).

Thanks DanM and Ulrich, good idea.

I think Shift+Arrow is not used yet? Here are the current hotkeys:…


He writes “good idea” 🙂


The “Nudge” feature is implemented in V2.15

  1. Thanks!

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