I now cannot copy a window to the clipboard. The only way I can get my drawings into a Word document (as far as I can see) are copy/paste using a screen capture utility (not good, also copies red flags for actions plus resolution is low) or export to PNG and dragging the PNG into Word (also not good, because it contains a lot of white around it for the rest of the “page” the window was drawn on.

I’m working on OS X Leopard.

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Maybe we can add a “Copy to Clipboard” menu item in the context menu.


I would basically expect Cmd-C (or Ctrl-C on Windows) to perform that function.


Cmd-C will copy the whole object data (not only the image, but also the behavior etc), which allow you to paste it to other place in the same plot, or paste it to another plot.

The feature you requested is for image only, so they are different.


I know that on Windows, you can add data to the clipboard in multiple formats (see…. I guess OSX supports that too.

Then again, I already would be happy with whatever solution that allows me to get a window design in Word rapidly.


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