its great to box with different pages content. the problem if i move on one page an element that is used as brackground for another element on an other page i can’t move the element at the same time.

also i can’t select element on a page, consider there z-index

a) make z-index groupable to move only element with in a z-index-range

b) allow to select/move elements on page and the masterpage below

ps: is there a action to change masterpage during simulation?

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I guess you mean selecting elements in master page. We could not enable this since master page is a relative stable template (can be shared by multiple pages), it is not suppose to modify it from other pages.

So far there is no action to change master page in simulation. However it seems possible to do so, on technical point of view. We will consider that.


when master page can’t be edit through an other pager. there should be a better layer system then z-index and groups.

a) in the editor i should be able to lock layer so that i can’t select elements from it.

b) copy and link layer (link would allow something like a master page)

c) thinks and visibility of layer also should be editable with action during simulation


Thanks for the suggestions on layer system. We know many graphics editing tools support layer system, which work very well. We do have considered this kind of system, however it comes out that layer system will make the tool become much more complex than now it is, which is not expected. So we did not give it a go.


what about an expert-mode?

Or for the Plot-Outline something like folder were i can drag elements into and lock/hide them for editing.


There is a similar feature in the outline view. You can select some elements in the outline view and click the “Hide Selected Elements” button at bottom. This will hide elements from editing and will not actually remove them.


yeah that might help, but not if i wish to hide and show this element every few minutes

and they are speaded over the list with hundrets of items.


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