It seems like tables do not format their content consistently. Tyy adding a new table and adding this:


1000-Airtime Credits Company,[X],[X]

9001-Monthly Transaction Limit

9002-Limit Control,[X],

The formatting is out – and using the table’s left/middle/right alignment buttons barely moves the header text but moves some of the row text. Height of the text is also not the same – i.e. some text are above the baseline and some below, in the table rows and header.

Is this a known issue? Will it be fixed soon? I am torn between purchasing Balsamiq and ForeUI, so the more good points I see in ForeUI the bigger is the chance I’ll make it my default prototyping app.

BTW Nice app!

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This actually happens almost everywhere. Add a List. Add two entries. They will not be vertically aligned.


Hi pwnell, that’s quite strange…

I’ve just try what you did but can not reproduce the problem. Here is my result:

The three tables are aligned left, center and right.

Can you provide a screen shot for the problem? Thanks.



when entering this data:

Also, a table (left, centre and right justification):

when using this data:


Thanks for the screen shots, we use the same data to do the test but the result is completely different:

Can you tell us which OS and JRE version are you using? We do care about this issue but we can not reproduce it yet. May be you can send us your plot file (to to check? Thank you so much.


Email sent. I am using Mac OS X 10.6.1 with Java 1.5 (NOT 1.6 – I reinstalled Java 1.5).


Ok well this is strange. I changed it to use Java 1.6 and now it works. Might wanna put in a warning that it does not work perfectly on 1.5…


Thanks for the email and updated info. Actually we’ve tested ForeUI with Mac OS X 10.5 and its default JRE (java I think), ForeUI should be compatible with both java 1.5 and 1.6. I guess this issue may happen when two different java versions exist in the system, we will do more tests to find out the reason.

Thanks for your information pwnell 🙂


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